Sunday, 18 December 2011

We're all ordinary individuals, the extraordinary just do illustrious things that grants them the label of 'fame'. Does being famous mean that one's fortunate in that regard? Or does it imply that they hold a greater magnitude of importance than the ordinary individual? In essence, being constantly obedient doesn't usually attract praise or appreciation, however it's one's disobedience that is noticed and amplified. Where is the moral concept within the dynamics of this issue? In order to excel, one must avoid sitting on the fence and being tentative in amidst a specific situation, whether it is beneficial to them or to others, a concrete decision must be implemented. Being ordinary can oppose the concept of being 'famous' and extraordinary so long as the ordinary are capable of the extraordinary. 

This is one of my very first pieces of writing, evidently it's raw, but I have grown and built upon this.

- Nathan S

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  1. one of the first?
    you were amazing right from the start!
    great job.