Thursday, 29 December 2011

I have put together an idea of a potential novel that I would like to write in the near future, I welcome feedback with open arms and hope that some day this comes together. I have basically condensed my ideas into a paragraph providing something similar to a blurb or a synopsis, however I think it's a little more thorough than an ordinary synopsis. Enjoy and please tell me what you think, thank-you!

An Australian troop doesn't return home after a stint in the middle-east with Australian army's Special Force team. Among the 20 troops within the Special Forces, this troop was the only one not to return home to Australia  for reasons not specifically identified. Finally, amid the gloomy and dejected sadness spread across the lives of the lost troop's loved ones, he was formally declared deceased. His coffin was brought home, a service for his passing eventuated and Special Forces troop Donald Rutherson known as, D.R. by the team, was remembered and respected for losing his life for his country. Two years after his death, Donald is found in Russia by a savvy Australian detective who had travelled to Europe start a new life. Detective Miller, who coincidentally, was the head detective on the case for the missing Donald Rutherson two years ago in Australia. He remained adamant that the death of D.R. was a hoax and never officially closed the case. Rutherson, now known as Tomas Prukherov, has become synonymous with corruption and infidelity and had kidnapped over twenty young women and imprisoned them on a farm subjecting them to slavery and poverty for over a year. An ordinary Aussie troop became an infamous Russian psychopath and changed the Australian military for eternity. The motives and wherefores are revealed within the epic thriller.


  1. Wow! Sounds intriginging, I would love to read it when it is publised, seriously sounds so interesting and just what i would love to read.