Sunday, 11 December 2011

The Strenuous Expedition

It’s the meticulous approach taken in a bid to succeed. The emotional, physical and spiritual strain it has on one’s mind and the amount of energy it extracts is exceedingly significant. However, for the most part, it’s a genuinely taxing experience. Grasping the moment sufficiently, going full steam ahead to put yourself in the most elite position is a quest in itself, then there’s the literal activity that commences. Perhaps that is the most difficult stage explored in amidst yearning for success. The fixed expectations set broadly throughout the perspectives of those close to you provides a touch of motivation, although it too, metaphorically acts as weight on one’s shoulders. Amid the preparation phases, the intensity of the expectations in conjunction with the importance of having to succeed effects one’s ability to achieve their best. In the end, if your best isn’t enough, remember that it’s the effort put it, the sweat and energy exerted that is of a great magnitude of importance. I write this as a sheer reflection of my experiences, the essence of my emotions is peppered throughout.
-- Nathan S

My name is Nathan, I am an emerging writer with aspirations to study journalism in the near future. I write on a daily basis, it's my passion, my hobby and apart of me. Please read my stuff, i'll be writing pieces about a wide range of topics and i'll also be including stuff that's in my bible (my notebook) just like this piece above. I hope you enjoy guys, feel free to leave your thoughts as you wish! Cheers :)

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